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Navak Darou Company is proud to work for many years in various fields of supplying health-oriented goods by employing dedicated and dedicated staff to meet the unmet needs of patients in providing effective and high quality medicines from reputable and affordable sources. Take an important step towards improving the health of our dear compatriots In this regard, it has managed, by registering and importing the main brand drug Normix From the company ALFASIGMA It is important to address the problems of patients with irritable bowel syndrome and liver Encephalopathy , which are one of the most important health concerns . At present, due to the needs of the field of medical equipment, it has been able to supply a large part of the needs of hospitals and medical centers, and has provided social responsibility in delivering the best and highest quality medical equipment .

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Increase profitability and enhance market share along with paying attention to consumer satisfaction

Medical Equipment

Providing the best and highest quality medical equipments social responsibility

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Meeting the needs of patients and providing quality products for all segments of society

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Providing technical know-how from reputable companies. Collaborating with reputable international sources

pharmaceutical products

Increasing investment in the pharmaceutical sector and expanding the portfolio of pharmaceutical products from reputable European manufacturers


Import, export and production of health-related items and goods

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